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Deep Learning Technology for Data Center Power Savings

We are looking for a deep learning technology to measure temperature data of 3-dimensional space, and can efficiently handle a large amount of data compression in high speed.

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Data centers consume tremendous amount of power with both economic and environmental consequences. We are looking for a dynamic solution to optimize power use in data centers by prediction and distribution of computational load to maximize cooling efficiencies. Although technologies exist for optimizing cooling systems by dynamically adjusting fans, pumps, windows, etc. , to our knowledge, no systems exist to dynamically predict and distribute the heat generation created through computation to optimize cooling efficiency. For enhancement of data center power-saving by AI, grasping the temperature distribution of data center by thermography is required. Data compression of vast amounts of sensor data is also required. Though there are some candidate products or technology in Fujitsu Japan (FJJ), these are yet to be evaluated.

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