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How we deliver benefits
Innovation is where the OIG team, with our extended community, work directly with you. As a team, we gather a deep understanding of your problem domain, and work to generate a unique ‘Big Picture’ framework, from which new insights can emerge. Then, again as a team, we conceive of and test new business models that offer the opportunities to both reinvent your current business and co-create your future business.
Action refers to a set of principles and practices that equip people to reimagine ways their companies can create value, and achieve significant societal impact.

We at OIG help prepare leaders to reinvent today and co-create tomorrow by leveraging internal and external capabilities. Our program is designed to instill an open mindset throughout the entire culture of a company, to create a community with shared values, shared practices and shared capabilities, and to shape the future, together.
Encounter is where we provide initiatory sessions to share wisdom with our partners and potential partners. Here visitors to OIG receive a brief introduction to some new ways of thinking about the innovation process, and to the critical role intention plays in actually changing the world – or even in changing small parts of it.