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At Open Innovation Gateway – Powered by FUJITSU – we focus on our partners’ business growth. Below is our approach for supporting every stage of the innovation journey.

Shared discovery

At Open Innnovation Gateway – Powered by FUJITSU – we collaborate with our partners to find the path forward, together, in a process we call “Shared Discovery.”

Shared Discovery is all about clearly articulating the challenges, collectively figuring out the big pictures of tomorrow, defining the new emerging ecosystems, and puzzling through how we can thrive in this changing business environment.

Once we co-create a broad understanding, a “big picture” of the likely future scenarios, and the ecosystems in which they will take place, we can all move to the next phase.

Business innovation

Business Innovation begins by broadly imagining the future opportunities, challenges, and ecosystem that evolve from the Shared Discovery process.

Collaborating with you we consider if, with the help of additional partners in the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond, it makes sense to execute on or even perhaps directly invest in those opportunities. If it does then we begin testing the idea through discussion with potential customers.

Put simply, we “get out of the building.” It is vital to listen to and collaborate with the broader community in order to co-create a richer candidate value proposition. (Instead of spending innovation resources in siloes, we emphasize a continued ‘search and execute’ processes in the field.)

Finally we test the candidate business model (treated as a hypothesis) with one or more rapidly deployed Proof of Concept (PoC) trials. We (our partners and us) learn lessons and, if needed, refine and repeat.

Optimized execution

Finally, Optimized Execution involves going from Proof of Concept (PoC) and lots of small scale trials to a full-scale business.

This scaling up needs to happen quickly – or the opportunity may be lost. That’s why we focus on “Optimized Execution” – getting rid of the extraneous and the bureaucratic in order to focus on growing a business and capturing value – faster.

But of course the end of the process is really a new beginning. The very act of co-innovation creates a new world and invites more lessons – more shared discovery for us and for our partners.