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GaN-HEMTs (High Electron Mobility Transistors)

This technology is a device to achieve high power, high efficiency and high voltage.

GaN has special characteristics such as high breakdown voltage and high mobility in comparison to LDMOS. The key feature of this technology is RF circuit design technology to reduce power loss at the high power in order to bring out the ability of the GaN-HEMT device. This technology achieves RF high power amplifiers with high efficiency for radars, and for base station of wireless communication and high voltage switches for very small size power supply.

Description of the technology

This technology is based on RF circuit design technologies that can achieve high power and high efficiency.

One of the key technologies of circuit design is circuit stabilization technology by laying contact conductors around the signal circuitry from employing a 3D electromagnetic field analysis to optimize the placement of via-holes relative to signal path and circuits. In addition, a design technology that shields against unnecessary signal radiation is developed. Applying all of these technologies for first time ever in GaN-HEMT circuitry, signal interference is successfully suppressed. These technologies realize a circuit that features high output and high signal gain while being able to operate stably.


Partnership opportunities

We are looking for partners that would be interested in collaboration and licensing this technology and/or the IP associated with it. This technology offer new equipment such as wireless transmission equipment, radar, very small AC adapter.

Value of partnering with Fujitsu

We have networking product division; we can ship the product incorporating this technology such as high performance radar, high power amplifiers for base station of wireless communication at the required time from the market.

Patent information

This technology is protected under US patent.

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