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Odor Sensor (Breath Sensor)

This technology is a portable odor sensor that can extract and quickly measure the concentration of only specified gas components such as ammonia.

It can measure the ammonia gas in a person’s breath that is related to liver metabolism and Helicobactor pylori (H pylori) inflection for screening for early detection of lifetime disease.

This technology provides three advantages, portability, high sensitivity for ammonia from a level of 10 parts per billion (ppb) and very quick measurement within 10 seconds. So it is applicable for measurement of ammonia in environments such as a toilet, stock farm and a home for comfortable living.

Description of the technology

Key features of the technology are a sensor that sensitively measures only ammonia and quickly calculates ammonia concentrations using rise in resistance relative to gas.

Copper ions in copper bromide, a P-type semiconductor, undergo a reversible adsorption with ammonia molecules. After adsorption with ammonia, the electron resistance between electrodes increases. As a result, with a sensitivity differential of 2,500 times that for acetone, another gas commonly found in the breath, the sensor was able to distinguish and measure just ammonia from a level of 10 parts per billion (ppb).

Fujitsu also developed a measurement algorithm that quantifies the ammonia concentrations within 10 seconds of exhalation, making the sensor quick and easy to use.


Partnership opportunities

We are looking for partners that would be interested in collaboration and licensing about this technology and/or the IP associated with it.

Value of partnering with Fujitsu

We have many kinds of products such as personal computer, networking, and electronic devices, so we can integrate this technology into various products. Fujitsu have many oversea bases in North America, Europe and Asia, and so on, so we can support our products in United States.

Patent information

We have applied for 8 patents in United States.

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