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Deep Learning Technology

We are looking for a deep learning technology for natural language processing (NLP) which can be used to improve efficiency of call centers as well as multilingual support functions.

Management of Training Data

We are looking for a technology to enrich training data that will help us get more efficient deep learning.

Data Utilization Technology

We are looking for an On-Premise data utilization technology which allows Fujitsu (FJ) AI engineers to train the data using FJ cloud.

Automated Movie Creation Apps

We are seeking online and mobile movie (video) creation apps with advanced automated functions for the creation of content for an online learning platform.

Identity Authentication

We are seeking high quality identity authentication technologies for an online learning platform that does not require any special equipment.


Driving Innovation at Fujitsu from Oblong Industries on Vimeo.

At Open Innovation Gateway we look for more than technologies. We look for partnerships, relationships. When we brought in Oblong's amazing Mezzanine technology that began a relationship between the two companies that continues to grow and deepen.

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